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November 1st, 2022

Honda Motor Co. (Middle East and Africa) launches its first ‘Premium Hybrid’ the All-New Honda Civic e:HEV

  • All-new Civic e:HEV, a first in the region, delivers refined, exhilarating hybrid performance and dynamics, with elegant design and exceptional comfort.
  • Exhilarating exterior design approach creates a familiar yet fresh appearance.
  • Human-centered interior design brings quality, tactility, exceptional space and comfort.
  • Powered by Honda’s e:HEV efficient and refined powertrain, the Civic e:HEV consists of a 2.0 liter direct injection Atkinson-cycle engine, generating 141 hp @ 6000 rpm , atorque of 189N-m @ 4500 rpm and fuel efficiency of 25km/L*(NEDC Standard)
  • Advanced Technology Features such as a 9” Display Audio with Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM, a 7” Driver Information Interface, in built navigation system in addition to many others.
  • In a first, the Civic is now equipped with a e:HEV Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) Powertrain for this region which provides a responsive, smooth, and efficient driving experience, with 3 modes, Electric Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive.
  • The Civic e:HEV also comes equipped with all the standard safety features such as 6 Airbags, Rearview Camera with 3 Views, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, Rear Seat Occupant and Seatbelt Reminders to name a few.
  • The Civic e:HEV is offered in 7 exterior colors and one interior color.

November 1, 2022: Honda Motor Company (Middle East and Africa) unveiled the All-New Civic e:HEV today, in-line with Honda’s Advanced & Sporty brand direction. The 2023 All-New Civic e:HEV, a first in the region, embodies self-charging hybrid technology at its most advanced with responsiveness and efficiency built-in. The Civic can run exclusively on smooth and silent electric battery power, making your drive as exhilarating as well as efficient. Now in its 11th generation the Civic benefits from a legacy of Honda Hybrid Technology and the resultant e:HEV powertrain supplies the perfect balance of performance and economy every time you get behind the wheel. Furthermore, the Civics' sporty dynamics are wrapped in a stunning sleek body that demands attention and the e:HEV technology exudes a full hybrid experience on every drive.

Exterior Design:

When designing the all-new Civic, Honda engineers focused on creating a car that addressed consumers’ demand for emotional styling and dynamic feel. Staying true to Honda’s 'Exhilarating Civic’ development ethos, the result is an evolved silhouette formed of simple and refined design elements that enhance the overall driving experience. The Civics’ style echoes the noiseless, elegant design as seen in other recent Honda models. The new Civic e:HEV features a sleeker roof line and a lower belt line that increases the glazed area, realizing exhilarating cabin space with a sense of airiness. In town or on the open road, this is a car that’s designed to impress. Some of the salient exterior features are:

  1. LED Day Time Running Lights combined with LED turn signals and full LED headlights add to the sleek modern design
  2. Rear LED stop and taillights integrate into the trunk and rear fender for a more dynamic look
  3. All New Civic e:HEV features stylish 17-Inch Alloy Wheels giving it a bold and an aggressive attitude.
  4. All New Civic e:HEV features LED fog lamps for better visibility.
  5. One Touch Power Sunroof opens effortlessly with the shade and the auto pop up wind deflector ensures cabin quietness
  6. Hidden Washer Nozzles: As a first in a Honda, the Civic e:HEV has hidden washer nozzles in the wiper arms. The water is only sprayed close to the position of the wipers, thus improving visibility, compared with traditional systems, where water is sprayed over the whole screen, impairing visibility.


Inside the new Civic e:HEV, Honda’s human-centered approach results in a cabin with greater comfort, visibility, and spaciousness than ever before, in addition to enhanced safety and greater driver engagement. Honda engineers focused on these key aspects to offer drivers and passengers a more refreshing in-car experience. The interior embodies the same clean, modern design philosophy of the exterior. The user-focused layout features high quality materials and an uncluttered instrument panel. Tactile touchpoints further enhance the experience for drivers and passengers, with spring force in the buttons carefully moderated to emulate the feel of operating high-end home appliances. The pulled-back A-pillars, low hood, flat dashboard, and hidden windshield wipers enable a windshield with clearly defined corners for a panoramic view.

The seats have been designed with comfort and functionality in mind. Specially designed contour hugging seats ensure a comfortable drive with controls clearly laid out close to hand on the stylish dashboard. The stylish, yet practical center console design and layout features two cup holders positioned in parallel to the shift lever. The cabin also offers a bright and airy interior space for passengers in the rear thanks to a six light glasshouse design, including new rear quarter windows behind the rear doors. The B-pillar has been crafted to appear thinner than it is, with the top of the inner door card shaped to actively pick up outside light, increasing the sense of space for rear passengers. 

Continuing the design focus on reducing noise and unnecessary details, innovative air outlets positioned around the interior enable a wider yet less intrusive flow of air around the cabin Metal honeycomb mesh panels span the dash to deliver a fresh, clean design and discreetly hide the air vents. The knurled climate control dials feel premium to touch and feel. The rear passengers can enjoy additional comfort with rear A/C vents which helps them to sit back and enjoy the ride.


Advanced Technology

Technology has also been smartly integrated with All New Honda Civic e:HEV. For the first time, the Civic has a 9-Inch Display Audio with various smartphone capabilities. Some of the advanced technology features have been listed:

  • The All-New Honda Civic e:HEV debuts an all-new 9-inch color Display Audio. The new touchscreen is the largest ever in any Honda-brand vehicle, and features a physical volume knob, large, easy-to-recognize icons, and a simplified navigation structure with embedded menus. The touchscreen systems also come standard with wireless Apple CarPlay® and wired Android Auto™ integration. The Display Audio system also displays what driving mode your Honda Civic e:HEVis in, just press the ‘Power flow’ icon. 
  • The All-New Honda Civic e:HEV debuts an all-new 9-inch color Display Audio. The new touchscreen is the largest ever in any Honda-brand vehicle, and features a physical volume knob, large, easy-to-recognize icons, and a simplified navigation structure with embedded menus. The touchscreen systems also come standard with wireless Apple CarPlay® and wired Android Auto™ integration. The Display Audio system also displays what driving mode your Honda Civic e:HEV  is in, just press the ‘Power flow’ icon

  •  The All-New Civic e:HEV features first all-digital full color LCD instrument display. Measuring 7 inches, the high-definition full-color LCD Driver Information Interface(DII) includes a large digital speedometer and linear power gauge with a charge status indicator. Integrated into the lower half of the DII is a ‘content zone’, which the driver can scroll through to choose from a variety of information, including audio track information, smartphone contacts, and smart vehicle maintenance information. It also features a graphic of the current power flow, indicating the vehicles power source and if the battery is being charged, and an ‘ECO Guide’ to suggest more efficient driving techniques. Drivers can monitor their efficiency over time with a drive cycle score, earning points depicted by leaf icons in the display, increasing or decreasing as a different stage of fuel economy is achieved.

  • USB Ports: The All-New Civic e:HEV features 2 front USB standard for charging and for the smart phone interface.

  • Satellite Navigation: The 9 Inch Display Audio System has an inbuilt app for Navigation so that even though your offline, the maps will help you to find your way

  • Remote Engine Start with Key Fob: This feature can start your vehicle's engine from up to 400 feet away. The Honda remote start system is also connected to settings such as Auto Folding/Retractable door mirrors, Auto Open and Close windows and automatic trunk opening for easy convenience.


  • Advanced Safety


  •  Continuing Honda’s' longstanding tradition of advancing safety performance, the Civic e:HEV introduces multiple new active and passive safety systems. Some of the safety systems include:


    • ACE™ Body Structure: The Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure in the Civic e:HEV has been enhanced for even better compatibility with larger vehicles with improved occupant protection in angled frontal collisions, with a new upper A-pillar structure, side frame and lower firewall structure, all designed to route crash energy around the cabin.
    • Rear Wide View Camera: Engage reverse and the rear-view camera automatically comes to life on the 9-Inch Display Audio screen with 3 angle views. Choose between Normal view, Wide View and Top Down view for ease of driving.
    • Rear Seat Occupant and Seatbelt Reminder: A first in the Civic e:HEV, this system ensures front and rear passenger are fully belted up and to check the rear seat area, when the ignition is turned off. This is especially helpful for families with small children and pets.
    • Hill Start Assist: HSA helps prevent a vehicle stopped on a gradient from rolling back when the driver’s foot moves from brake pedal to the accelerator.
    • 6 Airbags: The Civic e:HEV is fitted with 6 Airbags to ensure maximum occupant protection and safety.
    • Front and Rear Parking Sensors: Parking sensors both in front and rear of the Civic ensure the driver parks the vehicle in the safest manner with the display showing on the 9-Inch Display Audio.
    • Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA): During high speed, if a driver makes a sudden steering movement to avoid an accident, the vehicle could flip over. To prevent this and keep control of the vehicle when cornering, braking is applied to the front and rear wheels individually to the inside wheel of a turn.This helps you to remain stable on sharp turns and bends, minimizing understeering, or oversteering or conditions (Driver will see VSA light flashing)
    • Electronic Parking Brake with Brake Hold: The Civic e:HEV  features an electric parking brake with automatic brake hold. Instead of the traditional lever or foot pedal for the parking brake, the owner can simply lift the electric parking brake switch to set the vehicle's parking brake and push the switch down to release the parking brake.
    • Deflation Warning System: The Civic e:HEV is fitted with a Deflation Warning System which comes on when there is a change in tire pressure. This is first warning of a possible puncture. In this case, the tires must be inspected immediately.


    Efficient and Responsive Powertrain

    The Honda Civic e:HEV features a New 2.0-litre direct-injection, Atkinson cycle Engine that generates 141hp@ 6000 rpm , a  torque of 189N-m @ 4500 rpm and fuel efficiency of 25km/L(NEDC Standard).

    A true all-rounder, the all-new Civic’s driving modes offer extra performance or economy on demand. Switching effortlessly between Normal, Sport and Econ allows you to tailor your drive to suit your preference and get the best performance from the e:HEV system. Normal demonstrates a perfectly engineered balance of performance and efficiency, while Sport offers greater acceleration and Econ to improve fuel efficiency.

    The Civic e:HEV also has paddle shifters on the steering wheel which are used for adjusting the amount of deceleration, depending on the driving conditions. The + paddle reduces the rate of deceleration, and the – paddle increases the rate of deceleration. This also helps to increase the rate of regeneration for charging the high voltage battery sufficiently.


    Hybrid Performance

    In a first, the Civic e:HEV is now equipped with a e:HEV i-MMD Powertrain for this region. Honda was the first manufacturer to introduce its mass-produced Honda Insight in 1999. Since then, we’ve offered hybrid powertrains across the range, even integrating one into our top-of-the-range NSX supercar. Honda has been at the forefront of the hybrid revolution for over 20 years with millions of vehicles in service.  Honda Hybrid performance is the result of the clever combination of a powerful and efficient 2.0L petrol engine, with two electric motors and a lithium-ion battery. i-MMD’s advantage is that as well as using the petrol engine to generate electricity, it can harvest otherwise wasted energy to recharge the battery, meaning you’ll never have to plug your Civic e:HEV into the mains.

    Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) technology provides a responsive, smooth and efficient driving experience, seamlessly delivering optimum power by automatically switching between three driving modes: Electric Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive

    • ELECTRIC DRIVE: Electric Drive draws power solely from the lithium-ion battery via a drive motor, delivering silent, 0-emissions driving. This is used when accelerating from standstill or during low-speed driving. In Electric Drive, a pure electric range of 2km is possible.
    • HYBRID DRIVE: In Hybrid Drive, both the petrol engine and electric motors seamlessly share the work, for example when accelerating at speed or driving up-hill. The petrol engine drives the electric generation motor, which in turn delivers power to the electric drive motor and any excess power is used to recharge the batteries.
    • ENGINE DRIVE: Engine Drive, as the name implies, is when the petrol engine is directly powering the car and is utilized for sustained high-speed motoring.
    • REGENERATIVE BRAKING: Regenerative braking converts otherwise wasted energy into electricity and stores it in the battery. So instead of the electric motor consuming energy when it powers the wheels, it is reversed creating new electricity.

    Color Availability

    The All-New Honda Civic e:HEV comes in the below exterior colors Lebanon market: 


    Exterior Colors:

    1. Platinum White Pearl
    2. Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic
    3. Lunar Silver Metallic
    4. Crystal Black Pearl
    5. Coffee Cherry Red Metallic
    6. Meteroid Grey Metallic
    7. Morning Mist Metallic

    Interior Colors

    • Black Fabric



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